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Rp 150 juta Dana CSR PLN Peduli Diberikan ke LAM Riau untuk Rehab Area Makam Mahrum Pekan



In order to preserve cultural heritage in the city of Pekanbaru, PLN's Main Unit of Riau Region and Riau Islands do cleaning in the area of ??the Senapelan Raya Mosque in Pekanbaru which is located at Jalan Senapelan, Pekanbaru. This activity was held on Friday, November 16, 2018.

All PLN management is present at the PLN Cares CSR event. Starting from the management of PLN (Persero) Main Unit Riau and Riau Islands, Sumbagteng Development Main Unit, Sumatra P3B Main Unit, and General Chairman of Pekanbaru City DKA LAM, Datuk Zulkifli Husen, General Chairman of Riau MKA LAM Pekanbaru City Datuk Said Usman Abdullah, Ketum DPK Riau LAM Kota Pekanbaru Datuk Yose Saputra, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Masjid Raya Senapelan Drs Amrul Mukhtar, Member of Pekanbaru DPRD, and Senapelan Sub-District Chief.

In this PLN Care activity, PLN management did the area cleaning first and then proceeded to provide assistance to renovate the tomb of Sultan Muhammad Ali Abdul Jalil Muazzamsyah.

The Chairperson of Riau LAM MKA in Pekanbaru City, Datuk Said Usmad Abdullah said in his remarks that he thanked God for the implementation of the PLN Cares activities. "This is in the context of continuing from LAM Riau's visit to PLN some time ago" he said.

He conveyed his great gratitude for PLN's concern for Malay figures, Mahrum Pekan has been instrumental in Riau, since the 17th century already exists in Riau and is the founder of the city of Pekanbaru. "He is very meritorious for the city of Pekanbaru, and with this activity it is hoped that not only PLN will care, but also all the people in Riau and Pekanbaru" he said.

Later on Monday, November 19, 2018, there will be a joint prayer program, remembrance, recitation, and other religious activities carried out, in commemoration of the death of Marhum Pekan.

"Hope in the future, PLN will establish good relations with LAM Riau not only at this time, but also in other matters, such as other social activities, and LAM Riau is ready as a way to contact PLN to the people of Riau, about what is needed delivered to the public for the common good" Said said.

M Irwansyah Putra, General Manager of PLN WRKR, in his remarks directly answered about the proposed money submitted by the chairman of the Riau LAM, which would immediately submit to the head office about future cooperation proposals between PLN and Riau LAM.

"Hopefully, Allah can grant positive plans for our common goals" said Irwansyah.

GM also said that the regional government, the community and the Riau LAM could support our mutual progress, namely in terms of building an underground network strengthening system.

"PLN has prepared a new network, in Garuda Sakti, White Sand, and Jalan Tuanku Tambusai Ujung. This is to strengthen the underground network, the construction of new transformers. And this is aimed at mutual interests," said Irwansyah.

GM also recommends that people use electricity for activities in the household. He also stated that PLN in Riau is designing the latest energy for SPLU for electric vehicles. "Don't be afraid of being expensive, because it is all to protect our environment all free of air pollution," GM said

"Together with all of us, with the synergy that we build together, God willing, our focus is for all progress together to support progress for us together," invited GM

One example mentioned by GM PLN, is in district areas in order to be able to support PLN's activities and plans in terms of increasing electricity supply for Riau. "PLN's electricity continues to be carried out in the village so that 100 percent can be enjoyed. Until the end of 2018 it has been and is underway in the Kuansing region, Rohul, Bengkalis, and Dumai. Later in 2019, God willing, all villages in Riau will be electrified," said Irwansyah.

In this PLN Cares CSR activity, the management of PLN, which was directly represented by GM PLN WRKR Irwansyah Putra, symbolically provided IDR 150 million in CSR assistance to Lrmbaga Adat Melayu Riau, Pekanbaru City. As well as other assistance such as garbage bins.

The assistance provided by PLN Cares is a manifestation of PLN's concern to preserve the Malay cultural site, where the Mahrum Pekan Cemetery is one of the historical tourism cultural reserves in the city of Pekanbaru.

PLN continues to commit to be closer to the community in carrying out its PLN Care activities. Various activities are sought to be closer to the people in Pekanbaru and Riau.


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