Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Pulang Dari Pengajian, Puluhan Warga Situbondo Alami Keracunan Massal


IlustrasiIlustrasi -  Tragic, dozens of residents from one of the Neighborhood Groups (RT) in Situbondo were suddenly poisoned. 

The residents of Awar-awar village, Asembagus Subdistrict, felt dizzy and nauseous after they returning from the community gathering.

They felt the symptoms of poisoning after attending a regular social gathering or recitation program at a local house in Hamlet Village, on Monday night, February 25 2018.

The symptoms of poisoning were experienced by 49 residents after eating of chicken soto rice that served at the regular social gathering. Then, after they returning from the social gathering, they felt nauseous.

Some of residents informed the Chairman of the RT named Harjono, who called the authorities to given the treatment for the residents.

Soon, the residents who experience symptoms of poisoning are immediately rushed to the nearest clinic and health center. Some of them were also rushed to Asembagus General Hospital.

"There are 49 people who suspected of poisoning. Most of them are the members of the regular social gathering. There are also neighbors and family members of the regular social gathering. But, Thanks God (Alhamdulillah), at 01.30 am, local time, all of them were allowed to go home," said Asembagus police chief,  Adjunct Commissioner of Police (AKP ) Hariyono on Tuesday, February 26 2019.

After receiving medical treatment, about 37 people were immediately allowed to go home. Then, 12 others were treated intensively by the medical team in Asembagus General Hospital there were 5 people, in Asembagus Community Health Center there were 4 people, and in Arjasa District Clinic there were 3 people. But, they were only allowed to go home early this morning after his condition improved.

The information that obtained by the AFP said that the members of the routine recitation about 50 people. However, last night during a recitation at the house of a resident named Mustafa (43), not all of members were present. 

The resident who came at the regular social gathering, were served with a chicken soto rice. 

The symptoms of poisoning were only felt by the residents after the recitation. Arriving at home, they suddenly felt dizzy, nauseous, and vomited.






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