Thursday, 20 Feb 2020

PWNU Riau Gelar Doa Minta Hujan Bersama Tokoh Lintas Agama Sore ini


PWNU Riau gelar Doa Bersama Tokoh Lintas Agama se-RiauPWNU Riau gelar Doa Bersama Tokoh Lintas Agama se-Riau - Land and forest fires (karlahut) and smog still engulf a number of areas in Riau Province today. All parties also made various efforts so that this disaster would end soon.

As did the Riau PWNU which has been holding the Sunnah Istisqa for rain for three days in a row asking for rain from God, so that the karlahut and haze in Bumi Lancang Kuning disappear.

Do not stop there, Wednesday, August 14, 2019, around 17:00 WIB this afternoon, PWNU Riau will again hold activities in the form of Prayer with Interfaith Leaders in Riau to ask for rain.

"NU Riau sees, to resolve the case of karlahut and haze in Riau, all interfaith cooperation in Riau is needed," the Chairman of Riau PWNU, Tengku Rusli Ahmad, told

"So, we both pray to God Almighty God in order to ask for the pouring rain as hard as possible to provide benefits to all living things on this earth," he continued.

Rusli Ahmad said, PWNU Riau together with interfaith leaders, asked for heavy rain, in order to provide life and eliminate the karlahut and haze disasters that hit Riau today.

"NU Riau considers it necessary to invite religious leaders, ranging from Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism and others to pray for rain based on their respective beliefs and beliefs," he said.

"Later, each of these religious leaders pray for each other. We give every religion the opportunity to pray for rain," he explained.

Still Rusli Ahmad said, besides inviting interfaith leaders from all over Riau, his party also invited dozens of orphans back.

"There are about 60 orphans that we bring later, of course, so that our prayers can be diijabah of Allah and rain will be sent down soon," he concluded


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